Final Presentation Information:

1.Please sign up for a spot on the board located next to registration/check-in.

2. Each team will be given 3-5 minutes to present with 1 minutes of Q & A to follow. You have 6 total minutes.

3. Participants will immediately vote on audience choice while the panel of judges votes on 1,2, and 3rd place.

4. We will announce winners in Wintergarden < 15 minutes after the completion of event.

Devpost Link: https://code-one-omaha-4258.devpost.com/

– One *month* of GitHub unlimited  private repositories for each attendee: hackathon-de10482

We’ve got some git cheat sheets that might come in handy during the event. They can be downloaded from https://services.github.com/resources/. You can also find many other online Guides, including Markdown cheatsheets, here: https://guides.github.com/

All students are welcome to apply individually for the GitHub Student Developer Pack at: https://education.github.com/pack