The Bank Hackathon


Teams of 3 (Designers, Developers, or Idea Gurus) 48 Hours Over $17,000 in Prizes First National Bank Tower Wintergarden

2016 Results

2016 Winners

  • 1st place $7,500

• Sam Kirkland
• Dan Patten
• Robert Kerber

  • 2nd place $5,000

• Brendan Batliner
• Dylan Gray
• James Onnen

  • 3rd place $2,500

• Matt Payne
• Steve Chikwaya
• Tim Hemmer

  • Audience Choice $2,000

• Nick Richman
• John Adam
• Kendrick Urbaniak


Registration is closed

Registration for Code One 2016 closed Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 6:00 PM CT!

If you have questions please use the contact form to the right or wondering about the results from 2013, 2014, and 2015? Check out submissions here!

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2016 Details

  • 1st Place.  $7,500


  • 2nd Place.  $5,000


  • 3rd Place. $2,500


  •  Audience Choice  $2,000


  • A lot of raffle prizes!  


Participants were challenged to invent an experience that would make you want to be a First National Bank customer.

  • Be web-based, but an API is not required
  • Not contain Flash, ActiveX, or Silverlight
  • Be compatible with latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE
  • Open Source tools and frameworks are allowed to accelerate development, but no full solutions are allowed
  • Stock images and branding CSS will be provided if desired

1. Will FNB provide any hardware equipment?
No, we ask all participants to please provide their own computers and servers.

2. Can I participate by myself?
We require teams of three. You are allowed to register as an individual but we will pair you with two others.

More questions?
Contact us at



The Wintergarden typically serves as an eating and meeting place for bank employees. During Code One, the Wintergarden is transformed into a collaborative workspace for the 48-hour hackathon.

With abundant Red Bull™, snacks, and catered meals, hackers spent less time worrying about hunger and sleep, and more time focusing on what they do best.

  • First National Bank, 1620 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68102